RDF Schema representation of IPTC Subject Reference

This web page provides an RDF Schema representation of the IPTC Subject Reference System.

IPTC NewsML and Subject Reference System

The Subject Reference System (SRS) is an open standard, jointly developed by the International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC) and the Newspaper Association of America. It is a controlled vocabulary designed to be used in any situation where news material needs to be categorized, including:

The IPTC Council was established to safeguard the telecommuincations interests of the World's Press. Its activities are mainly based on developing and publishing Industry Standards for the interchange of news data.

The Subject Reference System provides a hierarchy of subjects as metadata for categorising news. The main part of the SRS is hierarchy has three levels: Subject, Subject Matter and Subject Detail. SRS also includes other metadata elements like Subject Qualifier, Media Type, Media Type, and Gender.

The RDFS ontology we provide here includes only the Subject hierarchy part of SRS. If many users express a special interest in including other parts of SRS in the ontology, we might do so in the near future.

The Neptuno Project

The SRS ontology is a by-product of the Neptuno Project. The aim of this project is to apply Semantic Web technologies to improve the current state of the art in diverse aspects of the production, distribution and consumption of digital news. It is being conducted by two universities (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and Universitat de Lleida), a news media company (Diari SEGRE), and a technology provider (iSOCO, S. A.). For more information see the project web page at http://nets.ii.uam.es/neptuno.

Translation to RDFS

The translation to RDFS has been achieved automatically from an XML representation provided on the IPTC web site, by means of a Java program based on the Jena RDF API. The decisions made for this translation include:

An example of how the translation has been done is sown next.

The following fragment in XML language (taken from the IPTC SRS site):

	<Topic Duid="sr01000000">
<TopicType Scheme="IptcTopicType" FormalName="Subject"/>
<FormalName Scheme="IptcSubjectCodes">01000000</FormalName>
<Description xml:lang="en-GB" Variant="Name">arts, culture and entertainment</Description>
<Description xml:lang="en-GB" Variant="Explanation">Matters pertaining to the advancement and refinement of the human mind, of interests, skills, tastes and emotions</Description>
<Description xml:lang="en-GB" Variant="ChangeComment">none</Description>
<Description xml:lang="en-GB" Variant="ChangeVersion">0</Description>
<Topic Duid="sr01001000">
<TopicType Scheme="IptcTopicType" FormalName="SubjectMatter"/>
<FormalName Scheme="IptcSubjectCodes">01001000</FormalName>
<Description xml:lang="en-GB" Variant="Name">archaeology</Description>
<Description xml:lang="en-GB" Variant="Explanation">NA</Description>
<Description xml:lang="en-GB" Variant="ChangeComment">none</Description>
<Description xml:lang="en-GB" Variant="ChangeVersion">0</Description>

is translated in RDF Schema to:

	<iptc:Subject rdf:about="&iptc;01000000"
iptc:title="arts, culture and entertainment"
rdfs:label="arts, culture and entertainment">
<iptc:explanation>Matters pertaining to the advancement and refinement of the human mind, of interests, skills, tastes and emotions</iptc:explanation>
<iptc:SubjectMatter rdf:about="&iptc;01001000"
<rdfs:subClassOf rdf:resource="&iptc;01000000"/>

The metaclasses are defined as follows:

	<rdfs:Class rdf:about="&iptc;Subject"
<rdfs:subClassOf rdf:resource="&rdfs;Class"/>
<rdfs:Class rdf:about="&iptc;SubjectDetail"
<rdfs:subClassOf rdf:resource="&iptc;SubjectMatter"/>
<rdfs:Class rdf:about="&iptc;SubjectMatter"
<rdfs:subClassOf rdf:resource="&iptc;Subject"/>

And the properties are:

<rdf:Property rdf:about="&iptc;changeComment"
<rdfs:domain rdf:resource="&iptc;Subject"/>
<rdfs:range rdf:resource="&rdfs;Literal"/>
<rdf:Property rdf:about="&iptc;changeVersion"
<rdfs:domain rdf:resource="&iptc;Subject"/>
<rdfs:range rdf:resource="&rdfs;Literal"/>
<rdf:Property rdf:about="&iptc;explanation"
<rdfs:domain rdf:resource="&iptc;Subject"/>
<rdfs:range rdf:resource="&rdfs;Literal"/>
<rdf:Property rdf:about="&iptc;title"
<rdfs:domain rdf:resource="&iptc;Subject"/>
<rdfs:range rdf:resource="&rdfs;Literal"/>


For convenience, we provide a Protege .pprj file where templates have been customized to better visualize the classes in the Protégé environment. In particular, the display slot has been set to the slot iptc:title instead of :NAME which would show the SRS code.

The SRS ontology: iptc-srs.rdfs  (351 KB)
Protégé project file: iptc-srs.pprj


For any question or comment please contact javier.bravo@uam.es, pablo.castells@uam.es.

© Javier Bravo Agapito, member of the Networked Semantics Team at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, June 2004.